Press Release: Baji Caid al-Sebsi and his government are pardoning administrators and businessmen who proved their corruption!

Press Release

Baji Caid al-Sebsi and his government are pardoning

administrators and businessmen who proved their corruption!


At this time of growing popular discontent towards the government’s insistence to pardon the administrators and businessmen whose corruption has been proved and after months of continuous protests in most parts of the country because of poor care, Al Baji Caid al Sebsi, on Wednesday 10/05/2017, addressed the protestors who are demanding their rights to the wealth of their country and said that the state cannot employ them,  cannot develop their areas and that the law of “reconciliation” will be passed. He then threatened the protesters everywhere with the army as he announced that he assigned the armed forces to protect the oil and mining facilities, especially in the areas of on-going protests and where the production of foreign oil companies has stopped.

Al Baji Caid al-Sebsi’s resorting to the military force shows a clear indication of the following:

1- This democratic system, with its legislative and executive institutions, falsely claim to serve the people, but it is only a tool that serves the interests of Western colonial companies. Protesters in Tataouine, Qebly, Gafsa, Kairouan, Suwasi, Qirqana and other parts of the country came out demanding the wealth of their country and its recovery from the domination of the colonial companies which looted its wealth for more than 60 years; but the governor responded by threatening them with the power of weapons. Al-Sebsi’s insistence on military intervention and the militarization of wealth zones are to protect the colonial companies  that  reports of the accountancy department (especially the 2012 report) proved to be corrupt and that they steal the wealth of the people of Tunisia with the help of governments.

2- Al Baji Caid al-Sebsi’s insistence on the passing of the “reconciliation” law to pardon the administrative officials who were implementing Ben Ali’s instructions is to use these previous officials who were trained to implement instructions because Al Baji and his government are at a stage that requires those who are good at following the colonizer’s instructions and who know how to market and adorn them to the public opinion instead of the current (and most are new) officials whose scandals have increased.

3- The desperation of Sebsi and the government to issue an amnesty law for corrupt businessmen is to reward them for the political dirty financial support they gave him and his party in the previous presidential and parliamentary elections, and to urge them to further support his party in the upcoming municipal elections.

For this purpose we, in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Tunisia, address our people in Tunisia who are revolting against injustice, and say to them:

You are on the true path; your revolution is not that of the hungry, and you are not demanding charity from any one; you are demanding to reclaim your country back from the colonizer,and you have seen and experienced that this democratic system has enabled the colonizer to bring its agents to power in order to safeguard its interests. We have shown you each time that the only system that ensures your interests is the system of Islam; the Deen of your Lord Whom you believe in and in His Messenger (saw) because the rules of Islam are not  put by human beings but were revealed by Allah Al Azeez (Powerful) Al Aleem (All- Knowing; alone they can uproot corruption and by them alone justice is achieved. Islamic laws do not pay attention to favoritism and appeasements, rather, they are laws that reclaim the rights of the weak from the strong and those of the oppressed from the oppressor. Only the Khilafah State will implement the Islamic laws; it is the obligation by Allah on all Muslims to establish it and we call you to continue your revolution in order to liberate your country from the colonial power and its agents and establish the laws of Islam by the righteous Khilafah on the method of Prophethood.

As for our forces in the army, we say to them:

You are Muslims from this great Ummah and you are the sons of these people. Are you going to protect the colonial companies that steal your country and your wealth?! Will you kill someone who wants dignity and glory; who wants to reclaim and liberate his country and implement the laws of his Lord?

O officers and soldiers in our armed forces! We see and trust that you are real men who have sworn by the Book of Allah Almighty to be the protectors of your people and your country. Today is your day, so stand beside your Ummah and your people. Today it is your duty to protect them from the dominion of the colonizer who steals their wealth, to stand with us to liberate our country from the colonizer and those who serve the colonizer and to establish the righteous Khilafah on the method of Prophethood, and know that:

﴿إِنْ تَنْصُرُوا اللهَ يَنْصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ

«…if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet» [Muhammad : 7]

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah Tunisia

Thursday, 14th Sha’ban 1438 AH
11/05/2017 CE
Issue No.: 13/1438